Saturday, March 2, 2013

53% of smartphone owners say they've never seen mobile advertising

More than half (53%) of UK smartphone owners say they have never received adverts while using their device, which either suggests that it is an underused marketing channel or consumers find it easy to ignore mobile advertising.

The findings come from Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report, which found that 97% of the UK population owns a mobile phone, with smartphone ownership now at 61%.

The report also asked UK respondents which kinds of mobile ads they receive most often. 

The most common answer was ads shown while using the mobile web (27%), followed by streaming music/radio (26%) and online games (25%).

A quarter of respondents (24%) said they had been exposed to ads in apps, while 17% had received marketing text messages or watching mobile video, and just 10% had seen ads in a location-based/GPS service.

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