Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Social CRM Tools You Need to Know About

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There are so many new and existing social CRM tools on the market it is hard to keep track of them all. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here a few of the cooler social CRM tools I’ve more recently come across:
Kony Mobile CRM
Kony Mobile CRM takes advantage of the growth in mobile usage to provide customers with a direct connection to CRM systems while on the go. The app includes reporting, charting and data visualization to enable salespeople to have access to have everything they need to close a sale right from their mobile device.         
Price: Contact sales.


Radian6 monitors the web for mentions of your brand or a specific keyword and then provides an analytics tool to track these online conversations.  For example, Nike might want to monitor what people are saying about a new or trial product, and analyze this feedback associated with these products.
Price: Starting at $5,000 a month.


Socialtext helps to enable internal collaboration across an organization, making it easy to share expertise, data and information with colleagues in a secure intr
anet environment. If an issue gets raised on social channels, Socialtext makes it easy to bring that issue inside the company environment and filtered to the appropriate individual, who can then answer the question and present it back to the customer.
Price: 30-day free trial; then $9/user/month with volume discounts for larger deployments.


Batchbook by Batchblue is suitable for smaller organizations looking to create relationships with customers. Batchbook enables the creation of a customer relationship history, so you can track conversations and sentiment that occurs in the social web.  Essentially, you to record information about customers and create to-do lists that are assigned to specific users. Users can retweet, reply or save tweets, post to Facebook walls, and pull RSS feeds from blogs. Batchbook also integrates with MailChimp, Yesware and other applications.
Price: Free 30 day trial, $149.95 a month for the premium plan (up to 50 users).


Helping organizations build better relationships with their customers, Nimble centralizes all points of contact and communication by merging information from systems like Google, IMAP, Skype and all the major social networks. Nimble also analyzes and ranks relevant conversations about your brand across the social web and ranks them in terms of relevance. Users have the ability to easily share their data and their API provides the ability to create your own social CRM widgets.
Price: Free 30 day trial; $15/month after that.bility to easily share the data. 

Mzinga OmniSocial

OmniSocial by Mzinga is an enterprise class, SaaS based software suite that allows you to create and manage social and knowledge sharing experiences. OmniSocial helps companies interact with customers online through blog comments and social chatting. In addition, it boasts a powerful analytics platform for tracking. Mzinga currently supports 15,000 communities worldwide.
Price: Monthly subscription fees start at $3,000.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Yammer

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer in 2012, Dynamics CRM’s social capabilities were greatly improved.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s new social capabilities enable you to connect employees, partners and customers through social networks and other collaboration channels. These conversations can be held directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, through Yammer and on mobile devices.


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