Monday, March 11, 2013

Interactions With Customers Via Social Media Have Limits

As marketers and business people we can get a little ‘amped up’ about how much we can track customers and interact with them via social media. It only makes sense, right? If they are out there and they are on social media then they are open to be talked to by our company, right?
Maybe not. A study put together by J.D. Power & Associates on behalf of NetBase (and passed along by eMarketer) shows that about 2/3 of people surveyed think it’s only appropriate for a brand to connect with them if the interacted directly with them (on a Facebook page or Twitter account for example). There’s more. Take a look.
Attitudes Toward Interacting with Companies Online
40-60% of the respondents, depending on the age group, felt that consumers should be able to talk about a company online without a company listening in at all!


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