Monday, March 25, 2013

Interactive and outdoor advertising

According to an annual study of over 5,000 people in six European countries by CBS Outdoor International, consumers are more likely to buy something online, ‘Like’ a brand on Facebook and download an app after seeing an outdoor ad vs. TV, radio and print.

77% of consumers reported doing something as a direct result of seeing an outdoor ad. 20% of consumers are reported to have made a purchase online after seeing an outdoor ad vs 16% for print ads.

16% of consumers ‘Like’ a brand’s Facebook page after seeing an outdoor ad vs 11% for radio ads.

13% of consumers have downloaded an app after seeing an outdoor ad (up 117%), which is almost double the amount who downloaded one after seeing a TV ad (only 7%).

The survey found that, despite a tenfold increase in NFC ready smartphones, only a marginal increase in NFC awareness was reported by consumers:

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