Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marketers Could Benefit From a Small Data Strategy

The truth is that more stuff does not make your house and life better, and more data does not make you smarter or provide more meaningful insights. Most marketers waste a lot energy collecting data that is not usable and would greatly benefit from a new Small Data strategy. It's about efficient effort for maximum effect. Unless you have an army of Google statisticians at your disposal, why collect metrics that provide no real insight?

As a hoarder, you have the same problem every hoarder has—whether you are hoarding trash you collected from a dumpster or stockpiling metrics. You don't know how to say, "Enough already." What is the first thing professional organizers do in dealing with hoarders? They take assessment of the situation, create a plan of attack and begin throwing stuff out. You need to do the same.

Start backwards. Decide where you want to go before you even begin. A learning agenda is a great way to start—meaning, align your objectives with learning questions. Accept that there are always priorities when it comes to objectives, and if that list of "what's important" includes everything and the kitchen sink, you are setting yourself up for failure.

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