Monday, March 18, 2013

Mobile Motivation for CPG Marketing

Smartphones are become ubiquitous
In 2013, the statistics in favor of understanding and implementing mobile optimization and marketing continue to stack up.

Smartphone adoption is over 50% and climbing – Nielsen

Website traffic from mobile devices has jumped from 17.5% to 23.1% in Q4 2012 – That’s a 84% increase from Q4 2011 –WalkerSands

Mobile traffic growth is outpacing smartphone adoption over the same time frame

Of course, we could go on.

While the importance of mobile is clear, brands often have a tough time stretching their wings and dedicating dollars and resources. The good news is that growing traffic has spawned more compatibility and integration, and less fragmentation. There are a few smart ways brands can better communicate with consumers through mobile devices.

  • Responsive design. All the rage in 2013, responsive design reacts to the consumer’s screen and formats page content to fit. It’s a step beyond simply optimizing your site for mobile. The benefit is an enhanced user experience featuring the most device-relevant content. No matter the screen (PC, laptop, tablet, mini tablet, smartphone), the user experience is streamlined. Try on for our take on responsive design.
  • Email – Consumers are now more likely to open email on a mobile device than on their desktop. Consider that almost 50% of email views are done an iPhones and that more than half of consumers who have made a purchase from a device have done so via email. If your subject lines, layouts, fonts and links aren’t optimized for mobile, you’re definitely missing out on engagement and sales.
  • Smart Campaigns – The spend-to-traffic ratio for mobile is small, but the opportunity for mobile display is great—as long as brands coordinate their message and buying strategy to fit consumers’ needs and motivations. This Harvard Business Review article outlines the primary motivations for use. CPG brands should pay special attention to “Accomplishing” and “Me Time” effectiveness scores. With a basic test campaign, brands can see how different products and offers perform across sites or networks categorized by motivation.
  • A dedicated brain – Everyone in your group owns a smartphone, but is there a Mobile Strategist? Or at least a geek? Find someone in your group to stay up on the latest trends, ask the right questions, think inside a smaller box and constantly push the brand forward.

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