Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Value of a ‘Like’ Just Increased

Facebook like
How important is it for a brand’s Facebook page to have a large quantity of ‘likes?’ With the introduction of Facebook Graph Search, the value of a ‘like’ has greatly increased for getting your brand at the top or search results.  Facebook Graph Search has unveiled a new era of SEO search in which results depend heavily on how many ‘likes’ and ‘check-ins’ a business has on their page.
Now it’s more crucial than ever for brands to have a presence on Facebook. Certain search results are funneled to the top based on how many of the user’s friends have liked the same thing.  If a brand doesn’t have a presence on Facebook, they won’t even show up in the results.
With Graph Search, fans can search for specific interests including restaurants, music, retail stores and even people. Various studies have proven that friends’ endorsements of a product, restaurant or location carries significant weight.  On Facebook, people will check out their friends’ recommendations first before seeking suggestions from other resources.

Similar to links and keywords for SEO, likes and check-ins will multiply over time on Facebook Graph Search.  As time progresses and more pages are ‘liked,’ the more popular pages will show up in Graph Search. When this happens, users are more likely to engage with those pages, which makes them more likely to show up in the future.
Showing up at the top of Graph Search is not as easy as getting a lot of ‘likes’ and ‘check-ins.’ Brands still need to continue to produce valuable and engaging content for their fans.  In order for brands to continue a relationship with their users, they will have to focus more intently on tailoring content to specific audiences.
Is Facebook Graph Search the next Google? No, but their introduction fills a void for social media marketing. Facebook’s innovative model combined with their rich set of relationships and profiles will result in much better targeting, CTR and conversation rates for brand and local advertisers. This will help open up what could be a very organic channel for advertisers taking us one step closer to the possibility that Facebook will provide paid search marketing in the future.

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