Monday, March 11, 2013

Twitter Invites All Advertisers on to the Nielsen Brand Bandwagon

The folks at Twitter just moved the Nielsen Brand Effect survey tool from the closed beta side of the board to the open to all side of the board — “all” meaning, anyone who pays for a Twitter ad campaign.
If you’re not convinced that Twitter’s Promoted Tweet system is right for your company, they’ve also published testing results that might nudge you their way.
First, here’s a look at the survey tool. It’s pretty nifty.
Twitter Brand Survey Screenshots

Twitter has labeled these bad boys “Brand surveys” but the name and this graphic might be misleading.  The image makes it seem as if only Twitter can ask brand-related questions, as in “which brand do you prefer.” We assume the survey widget can be used by anyone with a Twitter campaign to ask any question, such as “which of our flavors do you like best?”


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