Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bisleri launches digital campaign for 500 ml bottle

A videograb of the new Bisleri campaign for the 500 ml bottle.
The one-litre bottled water market in India has got competition. The 500 ml bottle, which is more convenient and cheaper, is now on the mind of bottled water majors.
In a bid to target the youth and push the 500 ml bottle, Bisleri has launched its ‘Kiss to Drink' campaign. This is the first time the company has used digital innovation and a staggered media rollout plan.
Conceptualised by Soho Square, the three ads use humour as a pivotal theme, even as it drives the idea that one should buy one’s own bottle to drink water.
Ramesh Chauhan, Chairman, Bisleri International, notes that the idea emerged from a basic consumer behaviour that no one likes to share water with someone who has touched the bottle to his/her mouth (jootha).

Adds Jayanti Chauhan, Director, Bisleri, the key message boils down to getting the consumer to buy his/her own bottle, as 500 ml is enough for one person, especially for a consumer on-the-move.
Creative heads at Soho Square have taken the annoyance of a water hijacker and amped it up in the three films. The digital campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Flying Cursor. Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more, the ads are to be released across all platforms.
Bisleri has set aside 30 per cent of its annual marketing spend towards the campaign. A series of flash mobs and fun contests are being planned which shall be executed in key metro cities. By 2013-end, Bisleri is aiming at a 40 per cent increase in the 500 ml stock keeping units.


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