Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brands Celebrating Moms

Moms. They’re the cheerleaders, the chefs, the rule makers and the organizers of the household. They make everyday purchase decisions for their families and are always on the look out for how to be the best mom they can be.
Brands know this. Moms are a coveted target for CPG brands because moms do the shopping for their families. They decide what’s for dinner, what’s appropriate to snack on and what’s fun to eat for dessert. Kids often request specific foods from mom when she goes to the grocery store, and in her ever thriving effort to please her family, she’ll purchase what they request.
Recently, several brand campaigns have stood out celebrating moms and their efforts to be the best mom they can be for their families. P&G, one of the major sponsors of the Olympics this year, didn’t take the approach of celebrating the athletes by putting them on a pedestal. While they acknowledged that the USA team has drive and incredible talent, the campaign communicated a message that the athletes are where they are today because of their main supporter: their mom. P&G didn’t stop at national TV spots. They went local by showing moms with their kids on a JumboTron at a Cincinnati Reds game.

HP took their connection to moms to Pinterest. HP understands moms’ stress when it comes to back to school shopping. The endless lists teachers provide for every class can be daunting. Instead of just saying “we’re your one stop shop for everything your second grader will need,” HP enlisted 100 moms to create back-to-school pin boards on Pinterest focusing on the top school tools and supplies. Moms rely on each other for advice, support and help finding essentials for their kids and Pinterest is a natural connection these days for moms. Back to school shopping was made easier and much more fun by HP.
Lastly, here at Barkley our PR team organized an event for moms to celebrate time with their daughters. Blue Bunny, partnering with Cadbury chocolate, launched a new product this year with a British tie: the Cadbury Ice Cream Bar by Blue Bunny. To celebrate the English origin of the chocolate, the brand sent fascinator hats and tea sets to moms and encouraged them to host a magical tea party with other moms and daughters. Celebrating a simple time together like sharing tea with friends and family allowed moms to focus on their family and what imagination and simple joys can feel like.
Each of these campaigns reaches out to mom in a new and innovative way that goes beyond a call to action to purchase a product while in a grocery aisle. Celebrating moms and what they do for their families will stick with them far longer than a :30 TV campaign.
Lessons Learned
  1. Be authentic – Put moms ahead of your brand.
  2. Connect beyond TV – Let moms be part of the experience vs. simply watching.
  3. Be true to your positioning – Don’t introduce an emotionally-charged mom campaign unless your positioning allows your brand to extend here.
  4. Make it sharable – Allow moms to become advocates to other moms.

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