Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Google Developing Measurement Tool for Mobile

Google has recently developed technology that will remove the largest inhibitor to running mobile ads: the inability to measure the success or failure of a campaign.
Jason Spero, who is leading the development of this measurement tool at Google, said, “Mobile doesn’t have a conversion problem, it has a measurement problem. This will unlock the potential of mobile…this is going to provide hard ROI data in the future versus just shooting in the dark.”
Google's mobile measurement tool
This new mobile measurement tool shows multiple informational facets of a campaign. The first is that it defines the dollar value of a brand’s search ad effectiveness. The second is that it outlines the cost per consumer acquisition across five different areas: purchases made on the phone, made via apps, made via mobile websites, made in store, and finally, which is the most impressive, how to track the conversion between these cross-channels.
In addition, this tool includes a one-minute video showing how a consumer navigates through each of these channels. These videos are personalized to the category of the brand it is tracking.
This measurement tool is still in beta, with testing complete on Adidas and Radio Shack. Spero stated that the project is still in “its infancy and would be refined as more mobile data is revealed.” (Via Ad Age)


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