Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Brands Like Cadbury and Trident Are Using Vine

Cadbury Twirl Bites Vine
Twitter first introduced Vine to the public in January 2013, and within a week of the app’s first appearance, it exploded among a variety of users. People began using Vine to share videos of their pets, food, events, concerts, family and things they do with their friends. Someone even used Vine to submit her resume for a potential job. Furthermore, brands have been branching out and using Vine to promote their products.
When Vine first came on the scene, not many brands were dabbling in the new social media platform, but it has gained momentum as more and more brands began using Vine to highlight specific products. Some notable CPG brands using Vine to promote their products are Cadbury UK and Trident Gum.

Cadbury UK
The chocolate company Cadbury UK has made several Vines that feature their treats being consumed in different ways. Their product, Twirl Bites, was voted product of the year so Cadbury UK created a Vine to tell fans, ‘Thanks for voting.’
The brand has used Vine quite a bit to introduce new products such as the Egg ‘n Spoon.
Cadbury Egg n' Spoon Vine
Trident Gum
Trident has only posted a handful Vine videos, but all of them are fun and create a nice visual effect for the brand. This video does a nice job showing the potential Vine holds for less visual brands.
Trident Vine video
Because Vine has created so much buzz in the social media world, it’s only natural that it can get brands more likes and followers. Here are a few quick tips on what brands can do with Vine to improve social media engagement:
  • Update your profile to better reflect what you’ll be posting on Vine.
  • Connect and share to Twitter and Facebook if those audiences will like your videos.
  • Review the videos created by others to gain an understanding of what to post.
  • Use relevant hashtags in every post. Don’t forget the most popular tags if they are relevant.
  • Share your videos on other networks and sites when possible.
  • Strategically Like, Comment, and Follow other accounts.

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