Thursday, April 25, 2013

Starbucks Hopes to Grow Loyalty Program with Expansion to the Grocery Aisle

Members of Starbucks Loyalty Program will be happy to hear that the popular coffee brand is expanding the program to include packaged coffee purchases found in the grocery aisle.
Customers will be able to put their packaged coffee purchases toward their My Starbucks Rewards™, which will allow them to use points for food and beverages at any Starbucks location. Later this fall, other products found in the grocery aisle such as Frappuccinos will also be included in the program.
According to Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks, this program is the world’s first “cross-channel multibrand loyalty program.”
The program will require Starbucks Loyalty Program members to do most of the work. A special peel off sticker with a code will be placed on grocery store packaging. Shoppers will have to peel off the sticker and enter the code into their account.
Currently the Starbucks Loyalty Program has about 6 million members. With this expansion, though, the brand is expecting the program to grow to around 9 million members by the end of the fiscal 2013.
If Starbucks’ multibrand loyalty program is successful it may only be a matter of time before other companies with multiple brands follow in their footsteps in hopes to increase their loyalty program membership.


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