Monday, April 15, 2013

Turning Digital Shoppers into Digital Buyers

Ecommerce is still a very small part of CPG revenues. But it’s not just about sales. 

In fact, some brands will say online sales are not the reason to do ecommerce—at least right now. Certainly brands want to see an increase in revenues if they are going to invest in ecommerce channels. But for the immediate future, it’s more about learning what strategies will work best and gathering data on consumers’ online shopping patterns. 

The retailing partnership is of paramount importance.
Retailers have been at the commerce side of things for a long time, and their insights can help manufacturers position their products on ecommerce sites. Working with retailers to offer exclusive products or bundles and sharing shopper insights are just two ways that brands and retailers can work together to create better ecommerce opportunities for shoppers. 

Follow the consumer. 
Brands and retailers should not be trying to change consumer behavior online as much as learning how consumers are using online tools. Brands can use those insights to work on the next steps. 

Leverage online content for ecommerce, and connect that content to a buy button. Shoppers are engaging with content online, but they are not necessarily making purchases. Brands don’t need to do the back-end work of  fulfillment and shipping, though that works for some of them. But they do need to establish the retail and third party relationships that will turn those digital connections into ecommerce opportunities. 


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