Monday, May 27, 2013

CPG Brands Pepsi and Schick Push Product Trials Via Mobile

Pepsi logo (2003-08). Initially, the
Mobile continues to close the gap between other forms of media consumption as it gains prominence in consumers’ daily lives. Now, CPG brands are turning to strategies that leverage seamless mobile experiences to drive trial.

Pepsi Next launched a mobile responsive microsite with all the goods. The Wheel of Levy  microsite features short videos of William Levy’s various personalities with social sharing components, language options for English or Spanish and included an entry form for a free 2-liter of Pepsi Next to boot. With much of the campaign media activation on social platforms, bringing the consumer to interact with the product on mobile allowed for a smooth experience as many consumers view social on their phones.
Engaging content, great user flow and a simple call to action requiring little effort from the consumer lead to success in driving trial of Pepsi Next. Roughly 300,000 of the 400,000 available coupons have been given away so far, with over 2 million views to the site.

 Schick is also running a promotion leveraging mobile, but with a slightly different approach. A print ad in the May issue of Marie Claire encourages women to “Get a razorvention.” Consumers then text a keyword to the short code featured on the app. Using the SMS system, they are able to receive a free sample of the product with ease— taking just a few minutes of their time. Consumers are in the mindset of health and beauty while reading the magazine, and likely have their mobile device in hand. It’s a quick and easy call for the consumer to take action.
Wheel of Levy from Pepsi Next
Like Pepsi and Schick, many CPG brands are looking to integrate traditional and digital efforts within their strategies, working in mobile for a seamless experience. We’re seeing more mobile initiatives promoted within the pages of print via QR codes and SMS short codes, more social sharing and mobile responsive sites. Because mobile plays an important role in the consumers purchasing behavior both in-store and online, it’s likely brands will continue to turn to mobile for promotions that drive trial and purchase.
Aside from mobile apps, what other ways are you seeing CPG brands effectively activating mobile to drive trial?

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