Saturday, May 18, 2013

Digital Coupons Boost Awareness of New Products: Study

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Engaging with consumers who use digital coupons dramatically impacts effectiveness of new product introductions for CPG brands, according to new research. 

Conducted by Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic and commissioned by, the study measured effectiveness of site display advertising and/or site sponsorships across three consumer packaged goods brands.

Findings showed much higher increases in consumer recall and purchase intent, compared to industry benchmarks from Dynamic Logic’s ad effectiveness database.

The study earlier this year evaluated online display and/or site sponsorships on for new product introductions by three well-known CPG brands in the food, beverage and household cleaning supplies categories. The campaign for the new household cleaning product included display advertising; the campaign for the new food product included a custom site sponsorship; and the campaign for the new beverage product involved both display advertising and a custom site sponsorship. 

“This is a very important place for brands when they are launching new products,” Mike Scriven, vice president of marketing for, told CPGmatters. “This audience is very receptive to trying new products and they like to use coupons to try them. They are a very rich and fertile audience for brands to increase loyalty and drive volume.”

Research by has shown that a large percentage of digital coupon users are in pre-shopping mode when browsing online coupons. Specifically, 59 percent of visitors planned to visit a grocery store within two days and 43 percent planned to shop within the next 24 hours.

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