Thursday, May 30, 2013

Presence of Hashtags in TV Ads Can Improve Performance

A new study from Nielsen confirmed the correlation between the amount of tweets during a TV show and the show’s ratings. Eighty-five percent of tablet/smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV at least once a month, with 40% doing so daily. A staggering 32 million unique people in the US tweeted about TV in 2012.
TV Watching and Twitter
Brands can layer hashtags with TV spots to enhance social reach. The connection between the brand and the consumer is greater because of the two-screen experience. Including hashtags in paid media enriches the brand message and keeps the conversation going well beyond the time limit of the TV spot.
Twitter and Downton Abbey
Fun Facts:
  • More people used the hashtag used in the Super Bowl spots to talk about the brand rather than the commercial itself.
  • The brands that were most talked about had hashtags that were the brand name, e.g., #Doritos.
  • ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and the CW’s The Vampire Diaries are consistently the most social networked shows.
  • Of the 36 brands that purchased airtime during the Super Bowl, more than half included a hashtag.
Final Thoughts:
  • When incorporating hashtags, don’t overcomplicate it.
  • A hashtag isn’t magic. It needs to be paired with engaging content and it needs to continue the message by starting/enhancing a conversation.
  • The brand name should be the hashtag, or it should be a simple message that incorporates the brand name.
  • Work with your paid media person to incorporate hashtags appropriately. Make sure they’re a natural fit.

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