Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What and When Do Social Moms Share

One of the great truths of social media is that moms like to share and they’re powerful influencers when they get behind (or are annoyed by) a brand. We know it’s true but we keep studying it to make sure the world hasn’t slipped sideways.
The latest fact checkers are ShareThis and Digitas. They surveyed 200,000 moms (that’s a nice sampling, don’t you think?) to find out how they interact with social. The packed their results into a slide show called “Wired for Sharing” and now I’d like to share a couple of key slides.
Think moms are all about Facebook? Have a look at this:
56% of the general population shares on Facebook but for moms, that same percentage is split between Facebook and Pinterest. Twitter, email, Reddit, and Tumblr just don’t get no respect. Tumblr is traditionally a playground for the young – is that because moms aren’t there or is it that moms aren’t there because it skews young?
What’s missing from this list is Instagram. That also traditionally skews young, so perhaps it came in lower than 1% and thus didn’t make the chart.
Next, it’s all about the when. After seeing this, I’m going to shift my posting times for sure.
We often see studies about how often people check social media first thing in the morning. Well, the might be checking but mom isn’t sharing until later in the afternoon. Peak time is 3:00 pm. For the average Joe, 8:00 in the evening is prime time.
Finally, here’s one I’ve never seen before. What kinds of content is mom most likely to share?

A third of the content that moms share is either parenting-related (18 percent) or focused on TV and movies (15 percent). I’m not so big on the parenting side, but I’m a win when it comes to TV. Technology comes in at only 10% then we see a huge drop for topics such as sports, music, travel, even pets. Beauty is on the bottom tier with only 2%. I’m surprised by that.


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