Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brands using Instagram to break free of the browser

Red Bull 'Instagram Your Inspiration' campaignThe expectations of brands on social media are getting higher. This is leading to businesses having to turn away from traditional approaches and create more engaging and interactive experiences, with crowd-sourcing of content becoming a favourite method.
With 40% of people responding better to visual information than text alone, it is not a surprise to see brands diving in to experience the hype of the photo-sharing app, Instagram.
And there are brands who not only aim to discover the joys of Instagram through traditional engagement and networking, but by creating immersive and innovative campaigns.
It is easy to get distracted by the wealth of Instagram challenges and competitions, but with it becoming an increasingly crowded place, brands are learning how to make themselves more distinct by mixing their marketing techniques with artistic approaches.
As the secret to creating real brand utility is not in hyping the masses, but by helping them encourage, explore, and become inspired. Using social media for advertising is not enough - brands have to aim to become publishers who generate content and build campaigns which can be accompanied by their fans.
In this post, I am going to share with you four examples of engaging, interactive Instagram campaigns, which move beyond the confines of the browser to deliver something truly unique.


Mercedes-Benz has found a new way to make Instagram photos stand out by making them the centerpiece of a unique social media installation called #Untamed, which premiered in the middle of Paris. The concept was supposed to correlate to Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy which followed the design of a new car, the CLA class.
The company, guided by the unconventional, unusual and untamed elements of the CLA, asked fans to contribute to this experience by submitting their interpretations of the word ‘Untamed’.
Mercedes-Benz wanted to avoid creating yet another average campaign with artificial photos, but generate real shots as a portrait of an individual, digital style. An international audience of art enthusiasts were able to admire these photos in a redesigned urban loft space, where vibrant, colourful and unique Instagram images became backdrops for fully designed living spaces.
#Untamed Photo Installation by Mercedes-Benz
This digital installation turned out to be a showcase of how breaking the norm and mixing marketing, social media and artistic direction could help brands raise the profile of any new product.


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