Saturday, June 22, 2013

Current Mobile marketing trend

Top 5 mobile marketing tools that your company should be using:
1. Mobile Website
All companies should optimise their website for mobiles. Smart phone users are mobile and expect an entirely different experience than what they receive on a standard website. Boxed Out PR recommend matching your brand design from your desktop website to your mobile website, and keep information simple. Mobile website users are often only seeking company contact details and location.

2. QR Codes
Customers viewing their mobiles whilst on the move need to access a company’s online information and the online aspects of the business. Setting up a QR codes can allow existing and potential customers to receive company information and offers including coupons, newsletters and event announcements easily and efficiently. QR codes are effective call to actions, and they often increase repeat custom and increase sales.

3. Facebook Mobile Ads
Facebook has 680 million monthly active mobile users, and 47 percent of social media users access their profiles via their mobile device, with the most popular free mobile app being Facebook. All Facebook and advertising content should be easy to read and engage on a mobile. Facebook advertising is producing better results than ads that appear in the right hand column or in the newsfeeds for desktop users only. Facebook advertising should be implemented into all marketing strategies as it reaches a huge, and growing audience.

4. Yelp
Yelp receives an average of 86 million users a month and the majority of users are looking for the best restaurants, bars, shops and locations whilst out and about. According to Yelp, in December 2012, Yelpers wrote more than 36 million reviews. And the Yelp app is used on more than 9.2 million mobile devices per month. Ensure that all business information is up to date and accurate. Companies should also use the reviews as valuable insight and customer feedback.

5. Mail Chimp
Email is a great way to announce company news, send resources, promote contests or giveaways and provide general updates to your customers. More people are accessing email through their phones than their desktops and laptops, so having mobile functionality for email is a must. Mail Chimp also integrates with third party platforms making it easy to collect email addresses on blogs and social media sites.


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