Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paid Ads Get the Real-Time Treatment

Social media sites, programmatic buying create opportunities for real-time paid media

Marketers are devoting more time and energy to monitoring real-time conversations in social media and then rapidly developing creative to take advantage of those discussions. However, according to a new eMarketer report—“Advertising in the Moment: Real-Time Strategies for Paid Social Media”—to be truly effective in real-time marketing also means moving more quickly with paid advertising.
Paid media plays a critical role in the success or failure of real-time marketing efforts. Just as a brand cannot post a video to YouTube and expect it to “go viral” without marketing support, real-time marketing is less successful if marketers can’t align their rapid-fire content-creation efforts with equally rapid-fire advertising.
The legacy structures of the media business and the traditional ways marketers allocate ad dollars far in advance, especially for TV, are two of the biggest roadblocks to supporting real-time marketing with paid advertising.

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