Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mobile commerce: what do consumers really want?

Mobile is no longer a trend or even just an opportunity. It is quickly becoming the new standard for consuming content.
Over the years there has been a continued, symbiotic evolution of mobile technology and consumer expectations, especially in the retail industry where companies have firmly embraced the 'commerce everywhere' dimension brought by mobile devices.
As digital mobile capabilities multiply, it’s interesting to consider just what consumers really want from their mobile experience. 
We asked 1,000 UK consumers to tell us about how they use and shop on mobile devices, their experiences of mobile web, apps and their expectations and frustrations.
We then undertook a benchmark study to assess how the UK’s top retailers are performing against these expectations. 

Mobile site first

The accepted line on mobile site versus apps is that there is no ‘one size fits all’. The platform retailers choose depends on many factors including their sector, customer and sales volume.
However, on the whole, mobile sites have proven to be more popular than apps. Customers use mobile sites more frequently and are in fact more likely to make purchases via mobile sites.
Retailers would do well to begin their mobile journey with an optimised mobile site and get the basics right before jumping on the app bandwagon.
M&S has a high performing mobile site, with a very well designed HTML5 experience. One of the most impressive aspects of the site is how quickly it loads despite being relatively image heavy – something that we know to be very important to consumers from the research.
Whether it is for casual browsing, searching for particular products or just looking up the nearest high street branch, the site delivers and delivers quickly.
Additionally, call to action buttons are large and maps are easy to find, as are contact details for nearest stores and customer services. M&S is taking advantage of the unique functions you can offer the customer, such as location, and providing an outstanding customer experience.

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