Monday, July 29, 2013

Nielsen Reports Ad Spend for Internet Up 26 Percent in Q1 2013

Media Nielsen Year to Date
Nielsen’s report about ad spending in Q1 of 2013 tells a familiar story.

The gist is that Internet ad spend continues to grow at a much larger percentage rate than any other sector. As it relates to overall spend, however, TV is still king, by far, with 59% of that overall spend. Just take a look at the image to the right.
So TV is still the biggest kid in school. Well, the Internet space is going through a serious growth spurt. It won’t catch up to TV any time soon but it’s would be hard to argue that there isn’t a real paradigm shift under way. What this will look like in 10 years is anyone’s guess. Will this pattern in the chart below still exist?
What might surprise some is the 18% share that newspapers has. It’s only area of real growth, though, is South America. That’s good but not enough to feel like there is still hope.


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