Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Variety of Sign-In Options Still Key for Social Logins

User management platform Janrain has studied for several years social network users’ preferences regarding social sign-in on other publishers’ sites. Social sign-in has proved important to a variety of publishers, including media and entertainment sites that want to encourage sharing, as well as retailers that want to boost conversions by making checkout as seamless as possible.

And as Facebook rose to become the top social network in the US and around the world, it quickly outpaced other social and portal site logins as the top choice for consumers—though a majority still prefer some login other than Facebook, and Facebook’s dominance has dwindled since Q3 2012, the only time it took a majority share in Janrain’s worldwide survey.
Google seems to be keeping hold on a solid third of the market for sign-ins, and while Yahoo!, Twitter and other services have lost share over the years, together they still account for 19.4% of users’ sign-in preferences as of Q2 2013.

As has long been the case, the type of site being accessed has an effect on user preferences. Facebook has the strongest hold when it comes to sign-ins on gaming and entertainment sites (64% of the total in Q2 2013), music sites (61%) and retail sites (59%).
Despite Facebook’s rising popularity for social sign-in functions, however, publishers and retailers would be wise to note that its takeover is far from complete. Significant chunks of every audience still prefer to sign in with an ID from Google, Yahoo! or some other site—and since a large part of the draw of social sign-in is its convenience, users still need these options to be satisfied.


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