Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Can CPG Marketers Learn from Dollar Shave’s $4,500 TV Commercial Success?

Dollar Shave Club's humorous $4,500 online spot
Let’s be honest. Some of us are funnier than others, and although some may lack in humor, there are others who thrive on their witty personalities. Fundamentally, most people enjoy humor and laughing. So why not include a little humor in your brand?

From the Dollar Shave Club’s promotional videos to the Tide to Go “Talking Stain” commercial, humor is helping brands stand out.  Who knew that a detergent commercial could be funny?
The Dollar Shave Club’s first spot cost $4,500. On the day the spot launched, even with website issues, they had over 5,000 signups. Talk about ROI!
Now the question is: what made them succeed? We all have seen comedy commercials that epically fail. So what is it? I believe it is all in the power of the brand.
First, a solid brand knows their target audience and knows if this is an appealing move for them. Second, the brand needs to cover all bases before trying to be funny:
  • Is the commercial too risqué?
  • Are you promoting it through the right channels?
  • Does it actually promote your brad?
  • Does it create a call to action?
  • Are you doing this for a purpose?
  • Has your PR team given you the go ahead?


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