Sunday, August 25, 2013

1 Out of Every 3 Digital Media Minutes is Consumed Via Mobile

brightedge mobile growth
“Mobile internet usage now accounts for one out of every three digital media consumption minutes.”

In terms of growth, mobile visits are up 125% over last year. Compare that to the only 12% growth in desktop usage and you can see where this is going.
Software/technology, financial services and real estate were the big winners with more than 15 times the growth of desktop visits in those categories. Tech is an obvious hit. Real Estate works well with mobile because of the very mobile nature of the business. If you’re searching for a new home, having access to local information right on your phone is invaluable.

BrightEdge only found three categories where smartphone conversions bested desktop conversions; entertainment, travel and  . . .ecommerce? 
In summary, this is another push to get your mobile house in order. The holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching and you don’t want to lose sales because your site doesn’t function properly on a smartphone. Fix now. Test now. Because a year from now the stat will probably read 2 out of every 3 digital media minutes is consumed via mobile.

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