Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Social Media Campaigns by Brands [VIDEOS]

Companies are learning to become media companies, creating original content on social media to gather fans. Social media is all about what’s happening right now and for brands to break the noise, it is important to remain relevant to the customer. This means having a central command center where posts and visuals can be easily approved by the company executives and pushed out in real time.
It also means analysing your target audience closely and researching well to create a spark that people will talk about among their friends. Here are some of the best campaigns that inspire us:

1. Old Spice Real-Time Videos

Old Spice Real-Time Videos
The sales for Old Spice body wash had dropped by 7% between 2009 and 2010. In 2010, Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy, returned to the web – this time to reign real-time conversations. After the launch of their SuperBowl ad, a team of creatives gathered in Portland, Oregon and shot 183 short comedic videos about Old Spice. The trick? The videos were real-time responses to viewers’ comments on Twitter. They produced responses to popular tweeples like Boz (Twitter co-founder), Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton, Ellen DeGeneres, Starbucks, Huffington Post, GQ, Gizmodo and others.
There was a huge surge in Twitter mentions for Old Spice and in just 4 days, it had gained 30,000 new followers. The hashtag #oldspice started trending worldwide. The videos garnered a total of 11 million views on YouTube while the response to Perez Hilton was the most watched video.

2. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Dove Real Beauty Sketches
As part of the “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”, the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather produced a short video inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful. A criminal sketch artist was hired to draw the sketches of several women (whom he could not see) based on how they described themselves. He then created sketches of the same women as described by strangers who had met them briefly. When the sketches were compared, the ones formed with strangers’ opinions were shown to be invariably more flattering and accurate.
Since its release April 14, 2013, the video quickly became viral on online social media. More than 15 million people downloaded the video within a week. On YouTube, the shorter 3-minute version was viewed 30.6 million times. It garnered 660,000 shares on Facebook during its first ten days. The video also inspired parodies such as Dove Real Beauty (Guy Version). The FW compiled a list of the best Dove Sketches parodies from around the web.

3. Oreo Daily Twist

Oreo Daily Twist
Oreo has established itself as a current and creative brand on social media. With 34 million fans on Facebook (and counting), how did Oreo raise the bar and increase engagement? By deploying a social media campaign that got everyone talking! Celebrating 100 years of the Oreo cookie, they launched the “Oreo Daily Twist”. One post every day (for 100 days concluding on February 3, 2013) celebrating current and historic events. Something similar to Google’s Doodles but spread daily through Facebook and more viral.
The ads reimagined pop culture through the eyes of Oreo and ad agency, 360i posted graphics celebrating the Mars Rover landing, Emmy Awards, 40 years of Ping Pong and more. Each post was extremely famous with the millennials who shared, commented and liked the relevant posts.
Oreo saw a 280% increase in Facebook shares and 510% increase in re-tweets on Twitter. The content series garnered more than 1 million Likes on Facebook – or 10,000 Likes per post, on average. It also generated more than 230 million earned media impressions. It set a new standard for real-time content generation in the marketing industry and Oreo’s next campaign called “Wonderfilled” is being highly anticipated.

4. Share a Coke

Share a Coke
For the first time this summer, Coca Cola is replacing its brand name on Coke bottles with famous names in Britain including ‘Dan’ and ‘Laura’. The bottles have been distributed nationwide on shelves, in vending machines and stores. There are also bottles with labels such as ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’.
Using 3D printing technology, some Coke kiosks also allow consumers to print other names on the bottles. Coke is encouraging users to share their photos with the personalised bottles on @CokeZone with #shareacoke.
From a social perspective, Coca-Cola has seen its Facebook community grow by 3.5% and globally by 6.8%. The hashtag #shareacoke has also been used 29,000 times on Twitter. The campaign is still in its early stages so we don’t yet have statistics of how this has affected sales but when a similar campaign was launched in Australia in 2011, young adult consumption increased by 7% in the country.


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