Monday, August 19, 2013

Few expect to receive customer service via social media

An inevitable consequence of the push to achieve sales through multiple channels is that businesses must also be prepared to deliver multichannel customer service.
Poor levels of service can ruin the overall shopping experience and mean that the customer is lost forever, so online, in-store, mobile and all other channels must work together to deliver an excellent overall customer experience.
New research form eDigitalResearch examined how consumers prefer to contact companies and then compared the various response times and satisfaction levels.

The survey asked more than 2,000 UK respondents how they expect to be able to contact a business - 92% selected email, followed by telephone (71%) and by post (45%). Fewer than one in four (22%) said live online chat and just 11% said social media.
Email also proved to be the most popular channel for actually contacting brands, as 58% of respondents used that channel the last time they got in touch with a company, compared to just 31% who picked up the phone.
If you were going to get in touch with a company, by what means would you expect to be able to contact them? Please tick all that apply vs. Thinking of the last time you got in touch with a company, how did you contact them?
The report also shows that how you contact a brand has a big impact on the speed of the response.

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