Friday, August 23, 2013

Google Display Network Remarketing: Convert The Prodigal Shopper

Shut Up and Remarket
Ninety-five percent of online browsing is spent on content, with the remaining 5 percent relegated to search, according to Google. Meanwhile, 98 percent of a website's visitors leave without converting, according to ValueClick.

Users are spending the majority of their time not on your online store, and even when they are browsing your website, there's only a 2 percent chance they will complete a purchase.
If you could increase the likelihood that those site viewers return to your site wouldn't you want to? How about if it was free?

What is Google Display Network Remarketing?

Google Display Network Remarketing is a free remarketing program which integrates with AdWords, Google Analytics, and the Google Merchant Center to serve product or product page display ads to shoppers based on site pages they visit.
Google displays ads across the Google display network for visitors who have visited your site and left, showing items which are related to what that shopper viewed, with a 450 percent higher click-through rate than traditional marketing.


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