Saturday, August 17, 2013

How can retailers use mobile to drive sales and improve their bottom line?

Have you noticed that people take their smartphones everywhere? Try to have a conversation with your closest friends, and more likely than not, you will lose them at some point during the conversation, to their smartphone.

How does this behavior impact retailers? Well, for one thing, it has changed the way shoppers shop. As the Harvard Business Review reports, “Consumers no longer go shopping, they always are shopping”.
The Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey found that, approximately six out of seven mobile shoppers will use a smartphone to shop in 2013.
How is this perpetual state of shopping impacting retailers? And more importantly, how can retailers use mobile to drive sales and improve their bottom line?

What are mobile consumers buying?

The most popular items that were purchased via mobile devices were clothing, shoes, and jewelry, with 51% reporting purchasing these items in the past 12 months.
These are followed by books, magazines, and newspapers at 48%, and movies, music, and games (excluding mobile games) at 47%.

Are mobile consumers using apps or websites?

The primary way people shop and browse products on their mobile devices are 37% via mobile apps, 33% via mobile optimized websites, and 30% via regular websites.
However, the older segment skewed much higher in preferring to shop and browse regular websites (48%).

What are these consumers doing on their shopping apps?

Chuck Martin, editor of the mCommerce Daily at MediaPost, says that they’re looking for coupons, offers, and deals as well as comparing products.

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