Friday, August 16, 2013

Instagram Video vs. Vine for Brands

Instagram vs. Vine
If choosing between what filter to use on Instagram weren’t a hard enough decision to make on its own, now you have another option thrown into the mix: Instagram photo or Instagram video? Take it even a step further and you have the to decide whether you want to use Vine or Instagram Video to capture the moment.

Twitter-owned Vine first came onto the scene in January and created its own culture with more than 13 million users. Vine has established a very loyal user base amongst teens and young adults who use the app to create 6-second videos. Because the app was designed with only video-making in mind, Vine has an edge that Instagram video does not: its very own unique culture and community. Users who downloaded the Vine app knew what they getting out of it: a tool to make short videos.
Since Instagram Video was integrated into the Instagram app later, it targets an audience who originally downloaded the app to share photos, not videos. However, because Instagram Video is built onto the existing Instagram platform, some critics believe that gives them an advantage over Vine. Really, it’s still too early to determine which app will come out on top.

While Vine and Instagram Video are both great resources to shoot videos and share with friends, there are some identifiable differences between the two apps.
Of all the differences between Instagram Video and Vine, I have narrowed down the top distinguishing factors into four categories.
Length of Video
A major difference between the two apps is the time allotted to make your video. In Vine, users can create 6-second videos while Instagram Video users can make 15 second videos. Vine keeps things short and sweet while Instagram Video provides twice as much time for video fun.

Editing Features
In Instagram Video, users are given the option of deleting the most recent frame from their videos. Users can also apply filters to their videos, giving them that “Instagram feel.” Currently Vine does not offer editing features or filters.

One of the cool features of Vine is its GIF-like looping feature. Videos in the feed play in a continuous loop, while Instagram’s videos only play one time. Watching a longer video on repeat wouldn’t make sense, which is why Instagram does not include this feature and Vine does. Six-second videos are the perfect length to re-watch multiple times.

Sharing on Social
The social relationship between the apps and social media platforms are as follows: Twitter + Vine and Instagram + Facebook. Vine videos appear directly in your Twitter stream whereas Instagram video show up on your Facebook news feed. Once Instagram video launched, there was a 70 percent drop in Vine links on Twitter since June 15th.

Although both apps have their own strengths and weaknesses, they are flexible in the way that they can be applied to different circumstances. While Vine encourages users to think outside the box and create quick and quirky 6 second videos, Instagram Video invites users to create lengthier and perhaps more serious videos.
Here is a quick look at a CPG brand, Red Vines, that started out using Vine and has now converted over to using Instagram Video.
Red Vines on Vine
Red Vines on Instagram


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