Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do shoppers need to see on mobile product pages?

What do people expect from mobile commerce sites? 

Retailers planning their mobile sites have a tricky balance to strike. They must perform well in terms of loading times and UX, but users don't necessarily want a slimmed down version of the desktop site. 
Many of the early mobile sites and apps tended to present a reduced version of the main site, with basic product pages and a limited range of stock, but this is no longer good enough. There's also the question of making customers register when checking out, even when their desktop sites don't, but that's a subject for another article. 
However, there is a conundrum here. For example, video is a proven sales driver on desktop ecommerce sites, but on mobile it has the potential to slow pages up, as well as eating into data allowances very quickly.

On the other hand, the fact that a customer is viewing your site on mobile makes some features potentially more valuable. For example, if they're out shopping, the ability to check and reserve stock at local stores could be very handy indeed. 

Mobile product page essentials


Obvious, yes, but essential. 

Product title

Also very necessary. 


Here's a tricky one. More images, the better, as this allows customers to see products from different angles and get a better idea of them before they decide to buy. 
However, it's important to keep the size of images down as this can severely impact on loading times. 


An essential for me, on mobile or desktop as people are simply more likely to buy from a site which contains consumer reviews. 
Some consideration needs to be given to display of reviews to keep page load times down. A good way is to show an average review score, along with number of reviews, before allowing users to click for more: 

Great sales copy

Sell the product, don't just go for the manufacturer's standard description. While this approach is easier, a more personal touch and unique tone of voice can help your product pages stand out and really sell the benefits of products.  

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