Monday, August 5, 2013

Which of the world's top 10 brands is biggest on social?

According to the BrandZ Top 100, the world’s biggest companies by worth are a curious mix:
In days gone by, we could regularly expect power and tobacco to top the charts. These days tech and telecoms dominate, along with a couple of the big FMCG’s.
It’s interesting to note that Visa is the only financial company in the top ten, while Marlboro holds a lonely, burning fag-end for Big Tobacco (We have to go all the way down to position 39 before we hit an Oil and Gas business: ExxonMobil). 
Social media is inherently tech-driven, so it’s unsurprising to see companies like Apple and Google doing well, but is their profile enough to push them to the top of the social pile?  

Who’s linking?

Here are our top ten ranked by number of sites linking to them:
No surprises here. The Big G taking a huge lead over competitors, while McD’s and Coke barely register. Turns out that despite high traffic, links to the king of fizzy pop (probably) won’t affect your position in the SERPS that much. 

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