Sunday, September 1, 2013

Discounts Are Top Draw for Digital Purchasers

Consumers are more likely to look for coupons in print

Internet users in Canada are deal-oriented, according to June 2013 research from Ipsos Public Affairs sponsored by, which found that more than half of survey respondents said deals, discounts or sales were the leading influence on their digital purchase decisions.
Ratings and reviews were also important—though significantly less so if they came from peers on social media—and retailer trustworthiness swayed many web users as well.
But when it came to finding deals, traditional channels won out slightly over digital ones, with 28% of internet users reporting that they looked for coupons primarily in the newspaper or the mail. Slightly fewer respondents—25%—said they used a search engine on a PC or tablet to look for deals and offers. Meanwhile, just 11% relied on email alerts, and only 7% went to coupon aggregator websites—like, sponsor of the survey.

Mobile was far down the list for internet users looking for deals: 2% said they searched for coupons on their phones, and 1% relied on text messages. This may not be surprising, however. Truly on-the-go mobile shopping is often about immediacy and convenience, not shopping around and searching for coupons. Additionally, many web users may have used mobile coupons but not used their phones as the primary way of finding them.


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