Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Examples of excellent QR code campaigns

Taco Bell

As part of Taco Bell’s ESPN College Football promotion around the Bowl Championship Series,the fast food chain printed QR codes on taco boxes and drinks cups between December 20 and February 3 this year.
The codes linked to analyst Mark May previewing upcoming games, so it’s likely that the interest dropped off following the National Championship Game on January 7.
Even so, the codes generated more than 225,000 scans which is an impressive level of engagement.

Verizon (again) achieves 200% sales increase

For this campaign Verizon displayed QR codes in-store that allowed customers to enter a promotion to win a smartphone.
Customers had to share a Verizon ad on Facebook and if one of their friends bought a phone then the original customer would be given a free mobile.
During the week that the promotion was running Verizon received an additional $35,000 in sales from an investment of just $1,000.
It seems the combination of a social element and a direct sales tactic were key ingredients in a successful campaign.


Another case study dating back to 2011, video game developer THQ hid ten QR codes within its Homefront game that allowed players to unlock exclusive videos and wallpapers.
The codes were scanned 30,000 times within the first two days, and it soon clocked up 30,000 wallpaper downloads and 18,000 video views. 
This is obviously a unique case as the codes unlocked material that enhanced the game rather than acting as a marketing tool. For example, one of the codes played a governmental emergency broadcast video explaining a national flu epidemic, while another code placed in an extremist’s garage linked to a propaganda music video.


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