Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M-commerce accounts for all online growth as desktop sales plateau: report

Mobile devices now account for all online sales growth as the amount of sales through desktop computers has plateaued, according to a new report.
Though total online retail has averaged around 15% growth since Q1 2011 figures excluding mobile have actually seen a steady decline before flat-lining in Q2 2013.
This is the first time that IMRG and Capgemini have reported separate statistics for mobile sales, with the data also showing that 23% of all online retail sales in Q2 2013 came from mobile devices.
Of this proportion, tablet devices account for 85% of mobile sales so far this year with smartphones making up the remaining 15%.
It’s almost certain that m-commerce will continue to increase as a proportion of online sales, not least because there’s so much room for growth among existing smartphone owners.
A separate survey included in the Econsultancy Mobile Commerce Compendium found that half of smartphone owners (51%) hadn’t made a purchase using their smartphone in the previous six months, so there’s still huge potential for mobile sales to increase.

Multichannel sales

However it’s also important for retailers to try and get a better view of the entire customer journey, rather than just focusing on which device or channel actually achieves the conversion.
For example consumers will often research their purchases on mobile or in-store before finally making a purchase online, and this is impacting the way that multichannel retailers structure their businesses.

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