Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Customer-Centric Mobile Optimization Matters

Given the increase in mobile device adoption and usage rates, this is a promising trend. However, with the increase in traffic, marketers are also reporting high bounce rates and low engagement on mobile devices. This report contrasted with many other sources, which had been touting increased conversions when a brand optimizes for mobile.
What does this mean? It seems to indicate that in the rush to release mobile services, marketers haven’t quite had enough time to understand and implement the specific features that give mobile customers the experience they want.
While it’s critical to address the mobile environment, it’s equally important to address itwell. So let’s take a second to look at what constitutes a good customer-centric mobile experience and examine why it’s so closely tied to improving our mobile conversation rates.

While the good news is that more and more mobile strategies are being put into place, the bad news is that many of those experiences may not actually be effective in meeting the increasingly high expectations of our customers.
The day has come when it’s no longer good enough to execute a mobile strategy — you have to execute an optimized mobile experience in order to stay competitive, win customers and retain their loyalty.


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