Saturday, October 5, 2013

Disabled consumers' use of the internet


Ofcom recently published its Disabled Consumers’ Ownership of Communications Services Report, which reveals younger disabled people now have roughly the same level of internet access as the non-disabled.

Among 15-34s the figures for internet access stand at 90% for the disabled compared with 93% for the non-disabled. This increases still further for the affluent consumers in the 15-34 age group.

However, for older (65+) less affluent disabled people, internet access levels are at their lowest (23%). This is significantly lower than among non-disabled people of the same age and socio-economic group (37%).

Across all age groups, internet access is 55% for disabled consumers, compared with 83% for non-disabled consumers. This can partly be explained by their older profile as half of disabled people are aged 65+.

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