Thursday, October 31, 2013

Location Data Pumps Up Mobile Performance

Spending grows rapidly on geotargeted mobile ads

As mobile budgets swell, brands are eager to find ways to make their ads contextually relevant to consumers. As a result, the use of geotargeted mobile display advertising is on the rise, as are campaign results, according to a new eMarketer report, “The Effectiveness of Geotargeted Mobile Ads: Location Data Pumps Up Performance.”

However, not all geotargeted ads are created equal. For example, geotargeting at Facebook—the largest recipient of mobile display ad dollars, eMarketer estimates—enables advertisers to target ads at the country, state, city and ZIP code levels. Twitter’s geotargeting parameters are similarly broad. Yet some mobile ad networks and premium publishers enable brands to zero in on users within a specified radius of GPS coordinates. And other location-based apps and services allow advertisers to target ads to mobile users indoors, such as within a retail store or car dealership.
The more exact the targeting, the more limited the inventory. But not all brands are competing for GPS-level inventory, as some have found ads targeted to larger geographic areas meet objectives best.

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