Sunday, October 20, 2013

People use connected devices 34 times a day on average

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A new IAB survey has found that the average person uses some form of ‘connected device’ 34 times a day.

The respondents averaged a total of two hours 12 minutes per day using a connected device, while for 46% of this time – one hour and one minutes – they’re using at least two devices, sometimes three, simultaneously.

Over half (52%) say they prefer to check their smartphone if they have any “downtime” rather than just sit and think. Among 18-30 year olds, the figure rises to over six in 10 (62%).

Over one third (37%) say they even check their smartphone if there’s a lull in conversation with friends. Over four in ten (44%) say their smartphone makes their commute more enjoyable.

The findings are based on studies carried out by independent research agency Firefish, involving over 1,350 interviews amongst smartphone owners and 700 hours of video footage from people wearing FishEye cameras.

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