Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smartphones Spur Multiscreen Usage

Consumers the world over are integrating multiple media devices into their daily routines—often simultaneously—and those in Mexico are no different.
According to July 2013 UM (formerly Universal McCann) data, the most common dual activity did not involve two screens, but simply using a mobile phone while traveling out and about. More than half of respondents also said they listened to the radio while using a mobile phone, the No. 2 simultaneous activity and the No. 1 truly multiscreen activity performed.

Phones were also the most common device used simultaneously with television viewing, followed by laptops and netbooks, while desktops were almost equally favored when internet users listened to the radio (24.6%) or watched TV (23.8%). Tablets, which have not yet reached a 5% penetration of the population, were less likely to be mentioned as a multiscreening device.

The pre-eminence of smartphones and mobile phones in the multiscreening landscape in Mexico is hardly surprising. Mobile connection penetration of the population has long surpassed that of fixed broadband household penetration. eMarketer estimates those metrics will reach 87.6% and 27.3%, respectively, in 2013. In addition, smartphone adoption accelerated since 2011 and, after growing an additional 48.5% this year, the number of those advanced mobile devices in Mexico will reach 26.3 million this year, eMarketer predicts.

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