Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Social, Video Sites Will See Big Boosts

Nearly two-thirds of US advertisers surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions in the spring expected to increase their ad spending on mobile in the next year, and just more than half said they would do the same for digital overall.

TV, in its various iterations, was still hanging in, and getting additional investment from a fair number of advertisers—plenty more than the percentage that expected to decrease spending. Advanced TV will see more advertisers increasing dollars spent than will cable or broadcast TV.
Print media was significantly more likely to see advertisers decreasing, rather than increasing, investment.
As digital matures, and continues siphoning dollars from traditional media, the options within digital advertising are also proliferating. Breaking down where advertisers expected to make the biggest web increases, social media advertising ranked first, with 47% of respondents expecting to up investments in the next year.

Video sites such as Hulu and YouTube will also see a significant share (40%) of advertisers increasing spending. And ad networks will also be an area of interest for a growing portion of advertisers. One-third planned to up spending on video-specific ad networks in the next year—further demonstrating the growing interest in video, and especially targeting video using automation. And 27% of respondents also expected to up spending on other ad networks.
Portals such as Yahoo!, however, seem to have reached a spending plateau. Only 16% planned to up investments in these properties, while 24% planned to decrease spending and six in 10 had no plans to change their efforts.

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