Monday, November 18, 2013

Brands over-dependent on SEO and social for content marketing

There’s a smattering of complacency about content marketing.
Many brands are spending a great deal of money on content creation, and then just tagging a few keywords, sticking it up on their site’s blog, repeatedly posting it on Twitter for a few weeks and calling it a day: job done. Quality content needn’t have such a finite shelf-life.
With a little creativity content can be re-used and promoted more regularly, for example by creating seasonal content which can be easily repurposed each year. Neither should marketers be solely dependent on SEO and social shares to get the content seen.
Too many brands are relying on SEO and social in a way which places the onus of branded content discovery on the consumer, requiring them to actively search for the brand’s content or leaving it to chance that they’ll stumble across it through social media platforms.
Given that around 95% of B2B and 97% of B2C companies in the UK are practising some form of content marketing, it pays for brands to take a more active approach to getting their content in front of their target users.

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