Saturday, November 23, 2013

Facebook Advertising and paid search return

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Kenshoo has released new research findings in the white paper, “Added Value: Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance.”

Kenshoo analysed recent paid search results for a leading retailer with more than 2,500 stores in the United States. Certain segments of the target audience were exposed to both paid search and Facebook advertising (“Search + FB”) while others were exposed to paid search alone (“Search Only”).
Notable findings from the study include: 
  • The data show that the Search + FB audience segments generated 30 percent more return on ad spend than the Search Only group during the period of analysis.
  • Based on campaign analysis, Search + FB showed a 24% higher average order value which means that consumers who were exposed to social advertising were higher-value customers for this retailer. 
  • The Search + FB group generated a 7% higher click through rate than the Search Only group.
  • The Search + FB group generated a 4.5% lower paid search cost per acquisition.

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