Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mobile Ad Spend Up 5% on Google; Marin Gives Tips for Mobile PPC Success

Marin released research findings this week that showed not surprisingly mobile’s role in search advertising was up in click-through rates (CTR), share of ad impressions, and share of spend. 
In its research, Marin found that even though CTRs on ads from mobile devices were up only slightly year-over-year, they far surpassed that of desktop clicks by 88 percent in 2013 versus 82 percent in 2012.

“In looking at the data, it was hard to distill how much of this was directly due to enhanced campaigns,” said Greg Kunkel, global communications senior manager at Marin. “Advertisers are still figuring out how to operate in a post-EC world, and given the commotion, we found it difficult to identify what was the result of EC versus advertisers just learning a new way to do things. I suppose you could say that's because of EC.” 
Marin also reported the gap between desktop and tablet behavior had begun to close between 2012 and 2013. In 2012, tablet CTR was 51 percent higher than on desktops. But in 2013, tablet CTRs were only 27 percent higher. 
Share of ad impressions and share of search spend were up from 2012 as well. While mobile’s share of ad impressions grew from approximately 7 percent last year to about 13 percent in 2013, so did the investment in the device, from approximately 8 percent to nearly 13 percent. 
And that means cost per click went up, too. In 2012, smartphone CPCs were 39 percent lower than desktop CPCs. Fast forward to 2013, and smartphone CPCs increased to just 26 percent lower than desktop CPCs.  


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