Friday, November 22, 2013

Mobile Devices Cannibalize Desktop Retail Site Visits

Visits to retail websites from mobile devices are growing strongly in the UK, eating into visits previously made via a desktop, new research from UPS and comScore suggests, with 12% of UK digital buyers now preferring to use either smartphones or tablets to access multichannel retailers.
UK consumers are by far the leading digital shoppers in Europe, accounting for a little under half of the total B2C ecommerce sales for the EU-5 in 2013 despite the economic squeeze, with digital forms of shopping accounting for 78% of multichannel retail visits according to comScore, although Italy was the country with the highest proportion of mobile visits at 19%. Internet users in Belgium and the Netherlands were the most keen on continuing to shop in-store.
Throughout Europe, mobile devices are increasingly used to help shoppers find what they want. Research from conducted in June 2013 shows more than 30% of internet users in Sweden, the UK, Germany and Italy research product information on their device. UK consumers are most concerned about the price of items, with almost one quarter (24%) checking price information, the highest proportion, and 22% buying using their phone, again the leading country. In fact, mobile is driving total ecommerce growth in the UK. So, while the Europe turns increasingly to mobile devices to shop, it’s still UK shoppers who are most likely to convert and buy.

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