Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mobile users unhappy with the performance of top retail mobile sites

By the end of 2013, m-commerce is expected to generate 16% of all online sales, a 68% increase on 2012. With mobile sales on the rise, mobile sites are still falling short of their performance potential, which can critically impact potential business revenue for the holidays.

A new report from Radware, “2013 State of the Union: Mobile Ecommerce Performance,” reveals:
  • Mobile sites are on the rise, but one in five don't allow visitors to access the full site, putting retailers at risk of potential loss of revenue.
  • The median full site page loads in 7.84 seconds, while the median mobile site page loads in 4.33 seconds.
  • While mobile sites load 44% faster than full sites, load time still fails to meet consumer expectations. 
Radware has also released an infographic that hits on the key points of the report and provides insight into the research. Click the stub below to explore the full graphic. 

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