Monday, November 18, 2013

New Pinterest Feature Lets Brands Showcase What's Trending on Their Site

Pinterest has been busy lately with feature releases like related pins, promoted pins, and now this:dedicated Pinterest pages on brand websites showcasing the pins that are trending around the brand on Pinterest. 
Pinterest explained in its announcement:
Now, when you go to in search of Thanksgiving recipes, you’ll see the most popular recipes on the home page, chosen by fellow Pinners. Or, if you head to to get started on your holiday shopping, you can browse in-demand products. Need a good book to read while you’re curling up at the fireplace this season? Go to to see the books Pinners are enjoying most.
Here’s a screenshot of what those Pinterest pages can look like, using as an example: 
Not all brands are handling the pages in the same way. The API plus a little creativity means these pages can be tailored. Here’s what the Pinterest page on looks like: 
The pages will retain up-to-date information and preserve the social elements of Pinterest.


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