Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retail Benefits Most from Mobile Email Revolution

Average mobile order values higher for retail industry

With nearly half the US population using a smartphone, the share of emails opened on phones and other mobile devices has skyrocketed. For retailers and others sending out marketing messages, this has had some interesting implications.
According to Q3 2013 figures from Yesmail Interactive, an email service provider, 15% of all sales volume generated by emails sent through its service were the result of a click on a mobile email, rather than a message read and acted on via the desktop. For retail the figure was even higher: 18% of all email-generated revenues came from mobile emails.
Most of the orders placed on mobile devices happened on tablets—and more than 99% of tablet purchases occurred on the iPad, with just a negligible 0.3% share for Android-based tablets. iPhones also accounted for more than a quarter of all mobile orders placed, making iOS-based devices far and away the winners for marketers hoping their emails generate conversions on mobile.
Average order values are still somewhat lower on mobile devices—by about $10, according to the study. But again, the retail industry makes out better than average. Mobile purchases triggered by retail emails averaged only about $2 less than desktop-based purchases triggered by the same emails.

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