Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why marketers think email can become even more efficient

Marketers that feel there is just not enough time to spend on email marketing, you may be slightly comforted to know that you are not alone.
The bid to keep up with the evolving nature of email marketing is a challenge many organisations are struggling with, according to marketers that attended Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing.
Several senior client-side marketers gathered together for Digital Cream during the Festival, where email marketing, among other topics, was discussed at great lengths.
The general consensus? Emaiil has great potential to become even more efficient than it already is. It's just going to take skills, buy-in and time that many do not have... yet.
While these discussions were under the Chatham House Rules, the insights gleaned have been pulled together to create the new Email Marketing Trends Briefing published this week by Econsultancy in association with Pure360.
The trends briefing, which is free for registered users, also contains some best practice tips, market data and case studies.
Digital Cream FX Econsultancy

Segmenting: great in theory, problematic in practice 

The ability to segment audiences appears to both fascinate and frustrate marketers. 
One on hand, the dream of delivering highly relevant email content to consumers is a not so distant reality, given the resources that are available. However, the perceived complexity of the process has limited all but a minority of companies from using sophisticated methods of segmenting their customer base.

Can social and email work together?

The integrated nature of what marketing should be according to the Modern Marketing Manifesto, means that social is a hot topic in almost every conversation. However, the roundtable discussions revealed that social and email are far from best friends.
While email is often presented as one of the most efficient methods for generating a return on investment, there is internal debate in many organisations about the value social provides for the business. According to a number of delegates, the lack of purpose given to social has made it difficult to create collaborative opportunities between the two channels.
However, research suggests that more companies are finding ways to weave their social activities with email. Three in every five companies (59%) are integrating the channels together according to this year’s Email Marketing Industry Census, up 8% from last year.
Which of the following channels are integrated with your email marketing activity?
For those that have managed to integrate social and email, the results are promising. Inside the trends briefing, Pure360 illustrates how Teapig was able to increase social signups to the email newsletter by 30%.


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